How We Got Started

     The Berkshire Geobash was a dream of 20+ MA and NY geocachers who wanted to bring geocachers from all over the world together to enjoy the beauty of the area and great caching in the Berkshire Hills.  After many months of planning and excitement Saturday, July 7, 2012 saw over 600 geocachers from all over the world come to Bousquet Mountain in Pittsfield, MA to make our event the FIRST MEGA EVENT OF NEW ENGLAND!  Our dream came true!

     Geocachers from all over New England and many other continental US states and Hawaii, as well as Canada, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia have visited the Berkshires to continue the new tradition of the Berkshire Geobash!  Berkshire Geobash #2 (2013) had almost 900 attendees, and Berkshire Geobash #3 (2014) had 1,083 attendees join in the fun!  For seven years the Berkshire Hills provided an amazing geocaching experience for thousands of geocachers from around the world and hundreds of new lifelong friendships were created through the years!

     For those cachers who visit the Berkshires for a day or an extended stay there are hundreds of great caches in the area. We also plan many fun events all year long to bring you to the best caching areas we know!!!  Whether you visit for a day, a few days, or longer, you are sure to be entertained and wanting to come back for more!!!